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SUNDAY, 20 OCT- its raining early in the morning. I wake up for public speaking class with a full of lazyyyy mood. Just wear simple jeans and tshirt no make up no dress up. Hujan laa katekan..haha. actly mood off terus pagi tu bcause i think that no enjoy with UPNM-ians lagi. Remember that i said last entry bout tire leak? Haa,,thats why laa takde mood,,plus plus hujan lagi huuhhhh *sigh*
After class public speaking, i called ayu to ask bout her car and she said that the car is still alive! Yeyy there was a malay mechanic help us. Allhamdulillah after the tire got change, we can berjimba lagi hehehehehe  -_________-

I text wan whether he want join us lunch or not and he agree. Actly he in the middle of his seminar but they, wan imam and fadli go out the auditorium silently. Hahaha nakal gila kawan aku.  At the auditorium, many people wear a uniform like a navy, palapes, and more. Wan and fad also wearing kadet uniform, the navy one. Semart gilerrrhhhhhhhhh haha.

See! Punyalaa serabai je aku hish.

 After lunch actly i got class financial at 2pm but serious said takde mood. Just bring the heavy book and last last ili je pergi. Me and ayu ponteng. Hahahaha faham tak mood swing? Faham? Haaa,,acane nak study if takde mood right? So we fetch wan again to go release some stress. At first, they feel like akan kantoi if they going out with that uniform so si fadli berkeras jugak wanna change his cloth. Then, we drop by the Scout Inn Resort and zap zzap zzzap dorg pun bertukar! Hahaha so nak berjimba pun dah tak takut.
Memandangkan hari hujan, so mood obviously spoil gile laa. No idea where we wanna go. At last we went to the Masjid Kristal. Guess what? When we arrived at there, its not raining anymore. Panas terik and yahhh its magic hahaha. Tempat beriman laa katekan..
 After that, we went to the Musium Terengganu. That museum is near masjid kristal. And second magic is its raining haha. Raining cat and dog. So sad not much that we can capture the picture. The camera got kabus and tak cantik. We just walk outside the museum because its already late and the museum near the closes time. Even we cannot enter and plus its raining,but we still enjoy it. Musium Terengganu have a beautiful  landscape seriously!! So for those who not yet go to that museum, you better go haha. I guarenty you all will amaized.
On the way to Teluk Ketapang, we introduce one stall that sell keropok lekor cheese but we lazy to drop by because that stall always full of people. When we arrived at Teluk Ketapang, we realize that imam was so not ceria like before. Haha actly he mengidam keropok lekor cheese tadi. Pity him. But we pay it by buy ikan celup tepung, sotong celup tepung, and so on. Many many mannnnyyyy of food we buy at ICT stall. Hahahaha nampak sangat perut gajah.
Imam was so excited when i say that we going to pantai hoyeahh! See how jakun he is hahaha. No wonderlah bcause they study at KL. Mana ade pantai yedak? Haha. And then we lepaking at teeth teeth water (gigi gigi air) while eating haha. Sooooooooooooo fresh. Haihh i really really miss that moment. *tear drop*
The time running very fast. Today was the last day of seminar and its mean that wan, imam and fadli are going back to UPNM. So pantai is the last place that we meet. After we change goodbye kiss, we going back home. EH BUKAN GOODBYE KISS, TAPI GOODBYE WISH LAH HAHA.
That day actly me and ayu ponteng 5hour classes. Financial, stochastic, differential equation. HAHA that was so sooo sooooo terrible. Kbai kbai.

“ayu happy sangat hari ni,,tak menyesal pun ponteng 5jam class haha”
“kite pun!!”

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