we both young!

Hai heloo,,
Today is raya but i’m not going to story bout raya. Haha because it is raya haji,,no relative no lemang no maaf maaf no kampung just ketupat, family, kurung and home. Even we not celebrate it but today, a whole day i wear a baju kurung. Pink baju kurung hee.  Actly me so lazy mazy nak wear that cloth but i don’t have tshirt to wear hahaha. Is it weird  AKU KESAH HAPEE! HAHA

Okay, past 4 or 5 days ago  my friends and i had a great, awesome, gorgeous weekend. Many memory that we captured together since my friend stay at Terengganu for 3day 2night because they had a seminar. This is sooooooo unplanned. Hoyeah!

Friday, 19 oct – my friends, Ashmir called me and invited  to meet, dinner, lepak with him. But at the same time, we (me,ayu,ili,apit) also going to reduce our stress. Suddenly, my friend from UPNM, wan called and said that “heyy,,i’m at pantai teluk ketapang” whats a coincidence  I take him and imam at Scout Inn Resort then thenn yarhhhh you all can imagine it. Hahahahhaa actly ashmir, wan, and me was a good-damn bestfriend. And yaa when we see each other, we like a crazy person. Screaming, poking,laughing and everything like just we on that place HAHAHA. Soo chaotic when 3 university combined together-UMT,UNISZA,UPNM.

Then we going to eat at pantai batu buruk, a regular place. The girls at this picture is soo not UMT-ians neither UPNM-ians.

And the last place is ICT-Terengganu. Many old story that come out at our mouth. Hahahaha is that nice? Yeahh so nice...

We going back almost at 2am. Due to UPNM’s rule, they cannot enter the resort at 12o’clock but hahaha wan and imam terpaksa enter from a hole at that resort. Such a brave-doings.

To be continue... 

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