we are young 2

Saturday, 20 oct- we get up early in the morning to finish all my homework. I knew my homework will terbengkalai if i going to berjimba haha. Today, wan can't join us because he had a seminar at UMT. Actually the seminar was about MARTEC. Maritime technology something like that laa.. the seminar is include international university  Its a quite big seminar i guess and and that seminar is held at new auditorium new building in our university.

My friend, wan wanna buy a souvenir from terengganu for his girlfriends and he want me to help him. When i think of it, Terengganu just popular with its turtle. Turtle doll or we called turtle bear ea? Ufh whatever but i told you, Its quite difficult to find that turtle in UMT’s area. So i decide to go to Pasar Payang. Yeahhh i found many many, sooo many turtle. Ada yang comel, ada yang tak comel. But the hodoh one is the cheapest laa haha. Different colour, type, corak, size and so on. And i pick the cutest and the cheapest one hahaha. Biaselaa,,Ayu kecek kecek skek dah buleh dapak hok muroh hahaha. Nice!

Fyeahh and now me being mama for the 5 cutest turtle!!!!

After we dah mandi peluh at that Pasar Payang, we need refresh our body. So so soooo we going to Secret Recipe!! I need something fresh cold drink. Our stomach also dah gendang gendut mintak diisi haha. Ayu ordered beef lasagne and a glass of chocolate i guess,,err tak perasan pulak nama dia apa. Ily ordered em ape ek? But in that plate have chicken meat with a cheese and and ada corn haha. She was drunk cappuccinos ice blended. And for me, i just ordered fish & chip and a glass of chocolate ice blended. *glup telan air liur* wahhh,,suddenly lapar huhuhu..

Then we going back with a full of joy.. yeyyyy!!

*abaikan muka hodoh tu kbai*

As wan promise, that night we berjimba lagi at Pulau Duyung. He want pay for the steamboat. Horrayyy!  Nothing much to say because i just eat eat and eat haha. Fact is I love food damn much HAHAHA. 

Oh before i forgot, the handsome guy who seat in front of ayu is fadli. Ngeeee

*sambung gelak HAHAHAHHAHA*

But malang tidak berbau. After we sent wan imam and fadli, we drop by at UMT’s hostel because want to fetch miera and at that time we all just realize that our tire leakage. That was so so scary mannn. No joking ni. Tire leak, 12am, no one here, rain. Oh goshhh its was totally err emm takdelaa takut sangat haha. Saja buat cerita seram. We called person that can give a help. Thanks god, there is more than one people lend their hand to help. At last, we going back without cik exora. Kami naik satria abg bijan hee....

To be continue...

we both young!

Hai heloo,,
Today is raya but i’m not going to story bout raya. Haha because it is raya haji,,no relative no lemang no maaf maaf no kampung just ketupat, family, kurung and home. Even we not celebrate it but today, a whole day i wear a baju kurung. Pink baju kurung hee.  Actly me so lazy mazy nak wear that cloth but i don’t have tshirt to wear hahaha. Is it weird  AKU KESAH HAPEE! HAHA

Okay, past 4 or 5 days ago  my friends and i had a great, awesome, gorgeous weekend. Many memory that we captured together since my friend stay at Terengganu for 3day 2night because they had a seminar. This is sooooooo unplanned. Hoyeah!

Friday, 19 oct – my friends, Ashmir called me and invited  to meet, dinner, lepak with him. But at the same time, we (me,ayu,ili,apit) also going to reduce our stress. Suddenly, my friend from UPNM, wan called and said that “heyy,,i’m at pantai teluk ketapang” whats a coincidence  I take him and imam at Scout Inn Resort then thenn yarhhhh you all can imagine it. Hahahahhaa actly ashmir, wan, and me was a good-damn bestfriend. And yaa when we see each other, we like a crazy person. Screaming, poking,laughing and everything like just we on that place HAHAHA. Soo chaotic when 3 university combined together-UMT,UNISZA,UPNM.

Then we going to eat at pantai batu buruk, a regular place. The girls at this picture is soo not UMT-ians neither UPNM-ians.

And the last place is ICT-Terengganu. Many old story that come out at our mouth. Hahahaha is that nice? Yeahh so nice...

We going back almost at 2am. Due to UPNM’s rule, they cannot enter the resort at 12o’clock but hahaha wan and imam terpaksa enter from a hole at that resort. Such a brave-doings.

To be continue...