dear diary.,now dah malass nak taip panjang panjang lahh.why ar?im always tired.sakit sakit badan.xkn lahh my cat yg bunting aku yg kena morning sickness?haha.pelik.@#$&*!

sejak dua menjak nihh kucing aku always nak marah marah.xbleh gurau sikit mesti nak gigit.hishh.aku gigit die betul betul kangg padan muka.haha.brani pulak aku kn..em pastuh kuadd makan pulak tuhh.aku dah cakap dahh yg my cat nihh bunting.parents aku tak pecaya pulak.then aku try buat sikit research pasal cat pregnancy.just google it jelahh.hehe.

its totally work! cat bunting.yeayy!!

Cat Pregnancy Symptoms
Is Your Cat Pregnant?

Cat pregnancy symptoms become apparent after mating because of the hormone, progesterone. From the moment a mother cat appears pregnant (a few weeks after mating), until she weans her kittens around 8 weeks old, her behavior and temperament is strongly influenced by hormones.  Here are some symptoms...

  • If your cat's nipples are pink or pinker than normal, she is around 3 weeks pregnant;
  • She sleeps more and eats more;
  • Weight gain becomes apparent in the 5th week;
  • Golf ball sized swellings in her abdomen. Be gentle!
  • Nipples are visibly larger and start to fill with milk in the 6th week;
  • She increases her grooming;
  • At nine weeks, her distended abdomen indicates that delivery time is very near;
  • She spends a lot of time in one spot, this is probably her birthing nest

haha.kelakar kn?but ntah knape aku excited gile.mybe coz aku dalame xde cat yg still baby kodd.hee.mesti comel comel nanti.macam aku.hahaha.PERASAN LAHH DEEJA!!

k.bai :)

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