mini research~

dear diary..,
wat mini research mmg melecehkn.huh.dalaa ak lack dlm english nihh.hmm..,sume org cakap yg english ney penting,susaa lau xtau,lau tau senang dpt keje but why ak lgsung ta minat.pd ak susaa sangat na pandai english.emm kteorg kne wat mini research taw then cm biase ak ta tau na watpe.sian dorg..,msti dorg kutuk ak coz ta mmbntu pape.huu.n lastly ak tawarkn diri wat powerpoint.dorg pon say okey.such a relief laa~

 our questionnaire :)

 pict that relate with our mini research :)

    hehe.sesaje jep :)

 choose correctly ! n must sincerly :)

find ur way :)

our mini research is about the factor that influence students future undertaking.its a quite bored title.haha.but its actly ley sedarkn kite jugak..em the last result yg kteorg dapat is account students is more aware bout their future undertaking.hehe.yelaa kn..,dorg kn xley na msuk bidang memane if da ambil accountacy.if life science n physical students,dorg ley tuka bidang laen.s0o hypotesis kiteorg bejaye.ho00rayyyy!! 

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